At the beginning of the “Borisova gradina” park – in the middle of the beautiful “Ariana” lake you can find one of the emblematic restaurants of Sofia city – “Ariana since 1904”. The restaurant was founded in 1904. Some of our VIP guests were: Vladimir Putin, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Metallica, Rammstein and many others. “Ariana since 1904” is the first restaurant in Bulgaria which uses only natural products. Here you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, perfect services, and also preserve Bulgarian traditions. Our dishes are made by natural meats and vegetables, produced in ecological clean areas in the country.

The quality of the products is 100% guaranteed.

Photo Gallery

Pictures from the restaurant

See the interior of restaurant
Ariana since 1904.

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Video Gallery

Video tour

Feel the atmosphere of restaurant
Ariana since 1904.

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Bulgarian dishes

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine, recipes from “the old days” and mature wines from all over Bulgaria.

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  • Sofia, “Borisova gradina” (the Ariana lake)

  • +359 888 22 33 55




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